Tuesday, 25 February 2014

5 Reasons Why You will Love to Visit Ghana

Most times when you hear people planning for a vacation, only a few talk about Ghana, and that's simply because they are not aware of the unique and wonderful experiences that are in this African country. If you're looking for a trip off the usual tourist path in Paris, london, Bahamas,etc then Ghana may be just the spot.Ghana is a great starting off point for Sub-Saharan travel due to the nation's stability and its use of English as the official language. The fact is that there are many goood reason to choose Ghana as your next point of tourism, but in this list we have streamlined it into 7 major reasons why you will love to visit Ghana.

1) Friendly people

This is one place you encounter people with smiles, willing to help you at every point. The people of Ghana are probably the friendliest people you will ever met. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you're doing, the locals want to talk to you. Even at odd hours, locals would stop their cars or turn from their market stalls and try to talk to you. Remember that in Ghana greetings are very important. Locals tend to say hello to strangers, so be polite and wave back. As a visitor, you will constantly hear the word "oburoni" (foreigner) being shouted at you. While this may seem offensive - it took me a bit of getting used to - the locals are just trying to get to know you. Take the opportunity to have a conversation with someone new and learn something.

2) Natural Beauty

Ghana’s picturesque landscape is a beautiful to behold. From mountain peaks to valley-lows through the gargantuan Afram plains. Travelling from North to South or vice versa is an unforgettable experience. The forests, mangroves, grassland and rivers always keep your eye busy. Although Ghana is not a safari destination, it still has plenty of opportunities to experience nature and wildlife.  Along with the many beaches and parks around the country, the city of Cape Coast offers the chance to trek over a swinging canopy bridge suspended high over the trees of Kakum National Park.

3) Rich cultural tourism

The culture is very diverse within the country, including six major ethnic groups - each with their own languages and dialects. From the point of arrival to departure you are surrounded by the unique and very diverse cultures of Ghana. The Ghanaian culture from North to South, East to West offers special treatment for visitors that will blow your mind.

4) Beautiful beaches

 Ghana is home to some excellent beaches, and along with lying in the sun there are usually local artisans, fishermen and drummers giving the, usually lazy, experience a cultural touch. I loved chatting with the craftsmen as they made bracelets and art, and listening to the fishermen sing as they pulled in their nets. Even when these interesting locals aren't around, the beaches in Ghana offer a refreshing and picturesque retreat from the more chaotic streets of the cities.

5 ) Peaceful and stable

 Ghana has been the most peaceful and stable country in sub-saharan africa but on the tenents of "Freedom and Justice" which permeates all we do and has become the envy of others. Even in the present world were you hear here cases of terrorist attacks everywhere, Ghana has maintained a level of peace and is not known to inhabit any terrorist group nor has it recorded any form of terrorist attack.

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