Thursday, 27 February 2014

30 Inspirational Ghanaian Proverbs

Ghana is one of the African countries that inhabit people that have influenced the world in different spheres of life, and has contribute their quota. When you engage in a conversation with a Ghanaian, you have a tendency of living wiser than you were. Most of their wisdom can be seen in their wise sayings. These wise sayings  cover many broad topics such as commons sense, patience, kindness, humility, greed, courage, family as well as survival and patriotism.

30 Inspirational Ghanaian Proverbs

 1) A powerful deity is the one to whom sacrifices are offered.

 2) A stranger dances - he does not sing.

 3) A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband is the fence around it.

 4) A woman is like a rat: even if it grows up in your house, it steals from you.

 5) Rain wets a leopard's skin, but it does not wash out the spots.

 6) The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.

 7) Two small antelopes can beat a big one.

 8) When a man is coming toward you, you need not say, "Come here."

 9) Fire and gunpowder do not sleep together.

10) Hate has no medicine.

11) Hunger is felt by a slave and hunger is felt by a king.

12) If there were no elephant in the jungle, the buffalo would be a great animal.

13) A Worthy cause is worth pursuing to the end.

14) Even if the old woman has no teeth, her tiger nuts remain in her own bag.

15) Even the elephant can fan off flies with its short tail.

16) A crab does not beget a bird.

17) A cracked bell can never sound well.

18) It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man.

19) It is the fool's sheep that break loose twice.

20) No one tests the depth of the river with both feet.

21) One camel does not make fun of another camel's hump.

22) A child does not laugh at the ugliness of his mother.

23) A healthy person who begs for food is an insult to a generous farmer.

24) By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.

25) Do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle.

26) One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.

27) Only when you have crossed the river can you say the crocodile has a lump on his snout.

28) When a man is wealthy he may wear an old cloth.

29) When a man's coat is threadbare, it is easy to pick a hole in it.

30) The blacksmith in one village becomes a blacksmith's apprentice in another.

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